Upon request firms and companies can organize special events using the facilities of DarkSchool Company independent of the usual schedule of the company. Team building is a policy used by many firms around the world in order to max the bonding between coworkers and afterwards have the best results inside of the workplace. Darkschool Company provides this facility of bonding in a very sufficient level.
Darkschool Company is the biggest area of live acting escape room facility that you can find in Greece and it is created upon the Resident franchise (story,movies,video games etc.)

The facilities are specially designed and differ from each other, combining the scenarios, the actors and the proper “atmosphere” ends up in really fast alternation of action which cause emotions like fear, agony and terror raising up the adrenaline to higher levels.

Furthermore one of our games includes more challenging puzzle games and provides the allowance of traffic in ages from 10 and above since it is lacking the live horror acting(fear,agony,terror etc.). The age limit of all the other games is strictly 18 and above.

Every team that visits the Darkschool is called to complete a different mission depending on the section that they have chosen. Skills like cooperation,intellectuality,speed and courage are required in order to complete the missions in Darkschool! Of course there is the proper guidance from the specially trained staff of Darkschool, our sergeants , captains and our commander!
First of all an obvious difference between darkschool and the other escape rooms is the fact that darkschool is the biggest of all escape rooms in Greece. This moment right now to exact Darkschool has the biggest escape room games in Greece with over 300 square meters in each different game giving a totally different gameplay sense of an escape room. Also we provide the most realistic sense of horror through our games. Each moment of the mission is designed and scripted in order to create alternate emotions.
It has to get clear that there is not a particular line of playing the escape room games of Darkschools because every mission is different from the other one in each section. The is a timeline though that the Umbrella Corporation (the company that we as darkschool represent) suggests in order for you to get a better understanding of the storyline of the Resident evil. The timeline that we suggest is the following : Biohazard-> Code Veronica-> Operation Silk City-> Patient Zero X
It was mentioned previously that our escape room games are much realistic which means that the areas are specially designed, you many need to crawl, to run, to climb or to jump in order to get from one place to another. The best that we could suggest upon dress code is to wear sport clothes or comfortable clothes which will help you do those activities faster and you will need to be fast for sure….
The age limit for the live horror acting escape room games is strictly 18 and above. Though if someone is under the limit and he or she wants to participate there should be a small briefing to the company from the adults that are going to accompany him or her inside of the facility. The briefing also should be done in order to do the proper changes to the areas.
All the teams that want to participate in Darkschool’s games have the ability to cancel or to change their booking any time using the confirmation email or calling straight to the Umbrella Corporation building which is the Darkschool. If your team wants to cancel or alter the booking of your game we would be indebted to you if you could call us as soon as you can or email us as soon as you can in order for us to be informed and do the proper actions.
The policy that Darkschool follows is the following: In case of a small delay (5-15 minutes after the starting time of the game) the team can play the full of 90 minutes game because there is still time for us to reset. Although if a team delays more than 20 minutes darkschool must cut part from the 90 minutes marker in order for the next booking (if there is ) to begin on time.