Terms of use, participation and personal data GPDR

Terms of use, participation and personal data GPDR

1.1 None of the following terms and conditions violates the privacy and the rights of the customer.

1.2 The game is designed for a group of 3-7 people. You are not associated with another group of players.

1.3 The trademarks and logos depicted on the site are proprietary to Darkschool and are protected. It is forbidden to use them without the prior written consent of Darkschool and any other use constitutes a violation of intellectual and industrial property.

1.4 Darkschool stores your contact information voluntarily without disclosing it to third parties and is committed to protecting your personal data in full compliance with relevant European and Greek law. The Company will not sell or otherwise transmit or disclose your personal information to third parties without your consent, with the exception of the application of relevant legal dictates, orders or court orders to and from the competent authorities only. The company may process part or all of the data that you have sent for the purpose of improving its information services or for statistical purposes. In any case, you can contact the company to cross-check your personal file, correct it, or delete it.

In particular, in order to provide the best possible escape experience, we need some personal data.

We need your name so that we can distinguish your reservation from the rest and belong to you.

We will need your email to be able to post your booking to our online system and to send you a confirmation of your game registration via email.

Your phone will be automatically used if you make an online booking, as an automated confirmation code will be sent to you to complete the booking.

Finally, we will use the phone number you gave us to make a phone confirmation of your game.

1.5 Due to the nature of the game, it is forbidden to take pictures, record videos, recordings and notes within the game rooms.

1.6 Darkschool may use the following personal data (email and mobile phone) at intervals to send newsletters or to promote discounts / offers via emails or SMS.


2.1 The website www.darkshool.gr is owned and operated by Darkschool. The company has the right to renew and / or change the terms and conditions of the game as they appear on the site at its sole discretion.

2.2 The use of the company’s website requires acceptance of the terms for the protection of personal data. If you do not agree with our policy, please refrain from using our site.

2.3 The www.darkshool.gr website is for personal and non-commercial use. It is prohibited to copy, modify, distribute, transfer, publish, reproduce, recreate or sell any information or material contained within the site.


3.1. Available booking languages are Greek, English.

3.2. The correct selection and reservation of the room is subject to your own control. For any error in booking, the company does not bear any responsibility.

3.3. Reservations are only accepted through the company’s website, by telephone or at the store. The only exception is Escapeall.

3.4. The player making the reservation is solely responsible for correctly adding his personal information to the online booking form. By completing and confirming your reservation, you assure the company that the data is true and accurate.

3.5. You receive confirmation of your reservation via e-mail, after entering the code sent to the mobile phone and by telephone. In the event of a delay of more than 30 minutes from the time of booking, reservation may be canceled or re-booked upon request, depending on the availability of the rooms.

3.6. Players must come in time at the store.

3.7. The company is not responsible for any delays or barriers that delay your arrival, whether caused by force majeure, such as, for example, bad weather, strikes, demonstrations, floods, congestion, political unrest or for any other reason. It is your sole responsibility to come to your own time according to your reservation.

3.8. You may be asked to confirm your reservation by giving the full name, telephone number and police ID.

3.9 DarkSchool through EscapeAll.gr maintains a file of cancellations you make and may inform the affiliates for an increased probability of cancellation based on your history. Accordingly, information is made in the event of simultaneous / close detention of more than one of the cooperating companies. These updates are made in the context of improving service provision and preventing last-minute cancellation.


4.1 The cost (including legal VAT) per game per person is recorded on the company’s website. It is valid at the time of publication and is subject to change without prior notice.

4.2. The cost depends on the number of participants in each game.

4.3. Credit cards of all types are accepted.

4.4. Payment is made exclusively at the store.


5.1. Each player receives instructions from the responsible employee of the company, called Game Master. After being informed of the rules, each player participates in the game on his / her own responsibility. The company is not responsible for any damage to the player’s personal effects or equipment, as well as possible personal injury caused by misuse of the room and equipment in general or non-compliance with the rules given before the start and / during the game.

5.2. It is forbidden to enter people under the influence of alcohol and narcotics. The Company reserves the right to refuse entry to any person behaving abusively or inappropriately in any way towards the staff of the shop or other third party.

5.3. While staying in Darkschool venues, participants must comply with the rules and conditions of the game, and work with staff.

5.4. Food and beverages are not accepted in the rooms.

5.5. For security reasons, it is strictly forbidden to enter rooms that include actors under the age of 18.

5.6. The company suggests players wear comfortable clothes for the game.

5.7. In rooms including performances by actors, the rules of the game may vary and are communicated during the notification of the rules to the shop secretariat before the game. In rooms with actors they may use physical contact within their role, always respecting the player’s dignity. Finally, rooms may be asked to sign a responsible participation statement.

5.8. All Darkschool rooms are not recommended for pregnant women, epilepsy, claustrophobia, and people with severe health problems.

5.9. The company’s website uses cookies (Google Analytics) for anonymous data collection and analysis of visits to its websites, such as site of origin, residence time and system information. This information helps us improve your browsing experience on our site. If you do not want to store cookies on your hard drive, you can disable cookies from your browser settings.


You can contact the company in the following ways:

DaskSchool Escape Rooms

Victor Hugo 32 Athens-Metaxourgeio

Email: info@darkschool.gr

Tel: 21 1215 1967 & 21 1012 0516